The Platform


Tired of the grind?

Hahahahahaha us too. Us too, us too but we love the grind our candidate COETRAIN brings to the show.  COETRAIN is gonna throw special sparks, spark em up, and smoke ‘em.

Since we’re on the subject of sparks we would like to take the opportunity to let you know about a virtually unknown author named Jon Del Arroz who happens to have a book called “Flying Sparks”.  

You welcome J.A. for the free advertising.  We would like you on board to play a role.  You in?


United By A Common Goal

Nothing is unimaginable. 



Get Involved

Our candidate, COETRAIN, can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Yeah yeah yeah.  Make COETRAIN your candidate and us your party.  

COETRAIN has vowed he will make every member in the party and eventually members of other parties so wet and sloppy they be screaming for him to stop but he won‘t stop and they‘ll like it.

We’re waiting  4 U BBY.  Are you gonna come to this party now?  If not now, when and how close are you to coming to this party?  

 If you have come already, that’s awesome!  We love you!  Hope you come again, bring a friend and tell more people about us so they’ll come too!!! 

If you haven’t come yet, We really really want to know when/if you’re gonna come so please take our poll and tell us if you‘re ever gonna come and/or when you think you might come and what we have to do to make you come. 

We guess if you won’t come on your own or at least try taking our poll to see if you will ever come, we might just have to pull a couple of big slippery bananas out of our pockets, point them at you like a piece of hard steel, and force you to come against your will.  

You will love us for forcing you to come because this party is the greatest ever!

 Tell everyone you know to prepare their hoo-ha’s because our candidate is bringing a world record load and exploding, er, coming onto the scene with the power of 200 trillion suns!!!  He’s a Starboy.

bar har har!

Bar har har



bar har har